Our Story

Once upon a time, there lived a little golden-haired princess. She had two younger brothers who grew up to be tall and strong and they all got along beautifully. (99% of the time!) The King and Queen were kind, gentle, wise, and firm. (Basically, the best parents ever.)

They lived in a small yellow castle a very short carriage ride from the seashore until the little princess was fourteen years of age, and then they left their beachside kingdom and moved afar to a large log fortress perched on a mountain.


For the next ten years, they enjoyed the peace and quiet of the country and the beauty of the changing seasons, as opposed to their tropical (Floridian) climate. They raised chickens, planted a lush garden, and took in the small-village life to the fullest.

But now, the royal family was ready to downsize and live closer to the King’s court, where he did all his important work. A castle with no stairs would be just right for the Queen, who bravely endured aches and pains in her joints. And the princess and the two princes were quite ready to attend the galas, meet other noble ladies and gentlemen, and begin ruling in their own part-time courts, which the larger city could provide.

So they looked, and looked, and at last they discovered a charming little cottage on London Lane that still had enough space for the royal family. Right then it was a little bit drab, but the family could see amazing potential in it. It was owned by a sweet older woman who had carefully tended it over the years. The family prayed and prayed, and then a good Lord and Lady came along who wanted to live in the log fortress. Their prayers were answered!


Now, the Royal Family are in the process of moving into the darling cottage on London Lane. Soon, they will be out of the log fortress. And the Princess can hardly wait to begin transforming the slightly-drab cottage into a gorgeous little abode through ingenuity, elbow grease, and her eye for beautiful design.

In fact, the princess discovered something. Her title was now the DIYva – a gal who cleverly did things herself and used her wits to make things beautiful without spending loads of coins from the royal chest!

“This blog is my story. And I am so glad to have you reading it. My hope is that you’ll find inspiration to go out and transform your own castle!

Most Cordially Yours,

Julia, the DIYva”


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