Bathroom Refreshed


Hey Guys!

So I’ve had “WRITE A BLOG POST” on my Urgent To-Do list for… 2 months now? 😛 It’s amazing how the holiday season will knock you sideways with all the busy-ness… not to mention I started working at Bath and Body Works and all those hours minimized the things I could accomplish. I unabashedly admit that blogging gets put on the back burner in favor of real-life people… and for that, I’m not sure I need to apologize. Happy New Year, by the way! 🙂

So with that off my chest, let’s move on to some glimpses of stuff we’ve done to our sweet little new house! 😀

The very first room we changed after moving in was the main bath, shared by me and my two brothers.



Originally it had a DISGUSTING (I mean REALLY disgusting) old glass frame fitted on the shower, meaning you had to crouch to hop in and once standing in the shower your elbows were squashed against your sides. We pulled that out first thing and added a curved curtain rod – *happy sparkly noise* voila! Elbow room!

And the new paint color – so serene, spa-like, and fresh. Yep, this is Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt, and boy, is it gorgeous. After seeing how beautiful it is in here, we’re probably going to use it in our dining room as well.


Bath 3
Please excuse the fact that this is just a phone picture! I WILL be getting my real camera out and using it for blogging soon. For now, let’s just celebrate the fact that I am, in fact, blogging! 😉

It’s amazing what a HUUUUUGE difference it makes just updating the hardware (knobs and pulls) on the cabinets. The dark wood isn’t my first choice but at least it’s better than 90’s honey oak. And with some brushed nickel knobs, they look just fine.

And trust me, ladies, this is something that doesn’t need to go on the honey-do list, you can tackle it yourself just fine. You can even use a butter knife if you don’t have a screwdriver handy. Ask me how I know. 😀

We even replaced the terrible showerhead-on-a-cord with a new one on a gooseneck, so my six-foot-four brothers wouldn’t be looking down at it anymore! Haha!

Bath 2

And then Mama and I got brave and used some stick-m vinyl tiles as a pretty splash guard above the shower. It’s not perfect but it was a whole lot easier than real tiles!

Bath 4

All in all, I’m very happy with the fresh new bathroom! Now I just have to figure out some great art for the walls and it’ll feel less like a blank canvas. 🙂

Bath 5

Very shortly (as in, THIS WEEK) I will also be blogging about how my room came out. Which is nothing short of absolutely gorgeous. 

’till then,



5 thoughts on “Bathroom Refreshed

  1. Beautiful! I’m working on redoing the bedroom I share with one of my sisters over the next few months. It’ll be slow because we can only do a little at a time due to the kids’ schoolwork. Thanks for all the ideas 🙂


  2. LOVE, LOVE, love how the bathroom came out! You didn’t give yourself enough kudos in that you PAINTED the whole room by yourself! Thanks for your vision and hard work! It makes our home so beautiful!


  3. Great Job! Looks good, i´m so happy you´re blogging again! i always enjoy reading your posts 🙂
    your (maybe only) reader from Germany!
    Merle (Oh and happy new year to you,too!)


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