Home Wasn’t Built in a Day

This week has been extremely full of hard work! 😀 If you’ve ever moved – you know what I mean. But I’m delighted to say we are actually all moved in now to the little house on London Lane and we absolutely adore it. There are many things we want to change and upgrade – as the budget allows – but the layout and location couldn’t be better!!

Thumbs up!
Thumbs up! We made it!

Monday afternoon, my dad drove a moving truck home from work and we all started loading stuff onto it. Thankfully a friend of ours, Mr. Tim, showed up for an hour and assisted us with getting my mom’s piano on the truck! The whole rest of the move (all two days of it) we did with just the five of us… and only four were able to haul things, as my mom has severe rheumatoid arthritis. I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 AM for two nights in a row – which definitely messed with my body-clock! I have yet to get up at a normal hour, ever since then!

The nights we moved our stuff to the new house were stormy and blustery (thanks to hurricane Patricia’s remnants. Oddly enough, our last moving day was the day hurricane Katrina – think the whole of New Orleans, flooded – almost hit Florida on its way to Louisiana!) … but THANKFULLY, the rain was light enough so that we could still move things through it. We just got sprinkled on a little.

We were determined to leave our log home nice and clean for our sweet buyers, so as we packed up and loaded the truck the last day, we swept and mopped and vacuumed and scrubbed behind ourselves. I even deep-cleaned the freezer and fridge! Can’t remember EVER having a day where I worked so hard… on a normal day, just getting ONE thing like that done would be a huge accomplishment, not to mention all. day. long. 😉

We also left a pair of rocking chairs on the porch, since we didn’t need them in the new house… and they SO belonged on the porch overlooking the wooded ravine… and we got a text later that night from our buyers thanking us for leaving the chairs and saying they were already enjoying them. That warmed our hearts! ❤

As to what we’ve gotten done so far – we’re just glad to have landed here intact! There are still piles of boxes and bags in every room! But we’ve already begun doing some things… like lining the kitchen cabinets with pretty contact paper (nearly drove me to tears, more on that later)… installing new showerheads, and today we went shopping to scope out paint colors (GORGEOUS) and price-shop carpet (EXPENSIVE. BOO.) 😦 We’re probably not going to go the carpet route, just be patient until we can put in hardwood-lookalike tile throughout the house.

I’ll have at least one post up every week with updates, but I’m looking forward to sharing more pictures of our completed projects as we finish them! 😀 For now, it just feels so good to be here at last in our new city. And we’re even attending a neighborhood-wide party on Saturday so we’ll get to meet all our new neighbors! Can’t wait for that!

Life on London Lane has officially begun, and I couldn’t be happier about it. 🙂


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