Classy Farmhouse Kitchen | Design Inspiration

So, Moving Day is next week and it’s a crazy whirlwind of packing over here! After many delays, we got word that everything is a go for our closing date. *happy dance* Rejoicing over here! God is good! 😀

One thing that’s been on my mind lately (perhaps due to consuming large amounts of HGTV’s Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines – I LOVE their home makeovers) is our new Classy Farmhouse kitchen.

Kitchen Title pic

I’ve been dreaming of painted creamy white cabinets, white beadboard backsplash, new lighting and new countertops for weeks now. Because the current state of our new kitchen is… anything but dreamy!


… I rest my case. (this is only one side of it, but you get the idea) The wood cabinets are in great shape and I believe they’re custom because they go all the way to the ceiling, but the wood is very dark! The flickering fluorescent lighting doesn’t help either. No backsplash, just painted wall.

But I’ve got some grand ideas for this space! 🙂 Keep scrolling! 😉

Style Ideas
So, I’ve explained the paint and beadboard – that will really freshen the space! One empty wall will get either 2 IKEA rolling carts with butcher block tops or 1 large one with some barstools for sitting and chopping. New hardware will instantly update the cabinets – some slick silvery bars! And fun printables framed on the wall will add loads of charm.

That image above ^ bottom center is one of the bigger ideas we have. IKEA has these fabulous steel bars (shiny silver, not like these darker ones) that you can hang underneath kitchen cabinets (or anywhere, really, for a variety of purposes) and they’re an amazing way to maximize storage space and hang utensils, canisters, spice jars, fresh herb pots, or whatever strikes your fancy. Stuff you need close at hand!

Utilizing the space we have to its best advantage is crucial, because we are downsizing to a smaller kitchen than our last one.

Kitchen Organization...
ORGANIZATION IS KEY. We’ll be adding a whole wall of “pantry” shelves on one end of the kitchen where a breakfast nook currently is, and by using the rule of UNIFORMITY, (all the containers will match) it will look awesome even if we decide to hang a curtain in front of it for a less cluttered look. Under-cabinet drawers will give us extra storage, as will very clever organization of the cabinet interiors (the two images on the left) … and lastly, (bottom right) if we do need to keep some things on the countertop, confining them to a tray or shallow box will keep the look clean and simple.

Anyway, this will almost certainly be the last blog post before our big move into the new house in less than a week, but I’ll be around to answer comments and questions from all my readers (all 8 of you precious dears!) 😀

All the pictures are sourced from my Pinterest board here: London Lane DIY


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