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Ah, all the fun details of buying and selling houses. We’re having a home inspection done on our log home as I type this! (Praying for a stunning report… but I’m not concerned. Everything works. πŸ™‚ )

I thought I’d share some of my design ideas with you before we even get to London Lane. Because the thinking and planning process is just as fun as the hard work (if not more so, because you can get as creative as you want!)

One of the greatest things about our new house isn’t even a part of the main house. In the backyard, across the lawn, tucked into the trees, sits a workshop building already wired with electricity. It’s the size of a 2-car garage. And it already has a pipe running out for plumbing should we need to install it. (And we do, because we’re planning to add a small bathroom in one corner. Walking all the way into the main house in the middle of the night to use the toilet would get old quickly!)

It’s hidden behind the arbor swing in this picture, but this is the side of the workshop facing the house.
Garage Door Side of Studio
It’s full right now, but will be cleared out when we move in! This garage door will have to be removed and a new wall with some nice HUGE windows put in its place. The wonderful thing is that my dad (a landscape designer) has some contacts who are ready and willing to help us with these projects.

Another view…P1015854When planning out a room, a good idea is to use graph paper and calculate one square per square foot. Then you can measure the furniture pieces you want to arrange in it and cut those out from separate pieces of paper and slide them around until the space looks workable. πŸ™‚

Here’s my sketch of the floor plan. (My dad did the bathroom size, it may end up being smaller with a step-in square shower) It has a kitchenette area, media space with comfy couch, and lots of room for my brothers’ favorite hobby – LEGOS.

A quick note here. When I mention LEGOs, I’m not talking your average little house made with blocks. Mark and Steven have become internationally famous LEGO builders with their work appearing in various magazines worldwide and at several LEGO conventions in the US. Check out their flickr photostreams here and here if you want to see for yourself!

This is their current LEGO room (and Steven’s bedroom) – See the boxes of bricks? Yeah. Those need a home.


Therefore: the space I help create for them to build with LEGO has to be epic. No pressure, right?

So, let me tell you about my inspiration for this new space.Β Firstly, the wall color. Behr: “Essential Teal”


I ADORE IT. Ignore the furnishings in that space, just soak in that deep, fresh, intuitive, imagination-enhancing wall color. Perfect.

In fact, I noticed this color IN THE SKY above a football game I was attending. (A sign from the heavens, perhaps??) It looked something like this:


I know that doesn’t look like it could be real, but that’s honestly the color it was! Perhaps it had something to do with the setting sun and the stadium lights I was beneath, but there it was, staring me in the face, crying out to be on the studio walls. πŸ˜€

I mentioned it to Mark, who was sitting next to me, and he just looked at me as if I had spoken to him in Klingon instead of English, but that’s okay. He’s liking the color now. πŸ˜€ A good thing, because it’ll be his bedroom as well as the LEGO studio.

Aside from the color, the general style of the room will be “Contemporary Masculine”. Here are a few photos with the right mood, if not the exact furnishings we’ll be selecting. (Source: Pinterest)

Love the pot lights in the ceiling! We’re definitely doing those. I also like this rug. And the bed pillows. πŸ˜€
I may do one wall white to add freshness to the space. We’re also installing larger windows to add natural light.
While I want the room to feel contemporary, I don’t want to take it to quite the limits like this in a monochrome look – too stark. But this is the right style for Mark, who is most definitely a sharp guy.
I also REEEEEAAALLY want to blow up and frame some of the dynamic artwork Mark has been creating as part of his Graphic Design degree in college. It’s in abstract shapes and black and white, which will be a crisp contrast against the teal walls.

I plan to hit IKEA for many of the pieces we’ll need for this space. We already have two white IKEA worktables, which will look fabulous with some new IKEA light fixtures hanging over them. We’ll probably end up using IKEA kitchen cabinets and countertops for the kitchenette and I definitely want to grab some of their bathroom organization pieces.

Upper two: IKEA-styled bathrooms. Lower two: kitchenettes!

Eventually, when Mark moves on to pursue his Graphic Design career, driving off into the sunset in his black Maserati sports car, (Haha πŸ˜€ ) this will become a functional guest suite, something I know my parents will enjoy having! πŸ™‚

So there you have it! Not sure how many of these inspiration posts I’ll have time to do before the move, but I couldn’t wait to share the ideas for this fun Studio!



Let’s Start at the Very Beginning – A Very Good Place to Start

Isn’t answered prayer AWESOME??

We have been hoping and praying and working for just about a year on selling our log home in the country. We’ve lived here for ten years and have fixed it up gorgeously so it would look its absolute best.

House Flyer Collage

Well, just a few days ago, we signed the contract and we’re good to go! I am so excited that I could hardly sleep for the past few nights. Well – part of that could be due to getting stung by a scorpion on my arm at an ungodly hour of the morning earlier this week. Finding those little brown things crawling about the house should never be something one has to get accustomed to! Ugh! It’s not that our log home wasn’t lovely and wonderful, it is, but it certainly doesn’t work for our needs right now.

The biggest reason we are moving is location. My dad works an HOUR north of our current town, and thus he has to tack an hour on each end of his commute – therefore, he’s been getting up a five o’clock in the morning for about four years, and arriving home for a late dinner every night and falling into bed exhausted. Not cool. Another reason is that our log home is two-story, and the master bedroom is upstairs. This is not jelling with my mom’s RA – which she bravely ignores and utters not a word of complaint and pushes through constantly. (I admire her SO MUCH.) The last thing is that we are really ready to be out of this small town and up in a nicer larger one, a suburb of Atlanta. (They have things like HOBBY LOBBY. And hellooooo, Publix – I have dearly missed you!) Not to mention lots of job opportunities for me and my two brothers. We’ll all be in our twenties once Steven’s birthday happens on the 10th of October. And yes, we still live at home. You might not understand, but we’re a very closely-knit family and us kids were homeschooled all the way through high school. We actually really like each other! πŸ˜‰

I cannot wait to get started on renovating and redecorating the house on London Lane. I can’t believe we discovered that little gem. (Definitely a God-thing.) The backyard is private and gorgeous, with a lush green lawn and HUUUGE pine and oak trees. There are ornamental cherry trees and a Japanese maple on the front lawn, as well. Also, I discovered tiny wild strawberries in the grass, which I thought was too cute for words.

If you could peer at that grass up-close, you’d see the strawberries I was talking about. And the trees extend about two-thirds higher into the air (and this is only one angle of the backyard!) πŸ™‚

The inside of the house needs the most work. I have big plans, guys. More on that later. But it’s nearly all cosmetic! Paint? I can so do that. I’ve been craving to paint something for ten years – there’s no painting a home with walls that are literally logs. (Nice logs, but logs all the same). The biggest project is transforming the 2-car-size workshop building in the backyard into a Studio – a place for our necessary 4th bedroom-slash-Lego studio, and we’re adding a small bathroom and kitchenette to make it a functional apartment (and guest house, down the road.)

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit. But I wanted to write the monumental FIRST POST on this blog and get it started! And check out the little story I wrote for my about page if you want to read something fun. πŸ™‚

Love & Blessings,